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Salary Overview

Fredrikson & Byron Salary Overview, Fredrikson & Byron Salary, Fredrikson & Byron Benefits

We know our attorneys are more than their jobs.  They’re family members, parents, friends, unique individuals with diverse background and insights, experiencing milestones, triumphs and everyday concerns outside the scope of professional lives. Our attorneys work hard and we pay them well for that good work, but we also honor their sense of balance and work hard to help protect it.


Nancy Howard
Manager of Legal Recruiting


Attorney par and salaries vary by geographic region. Our first-year associate salary in Minneapolis is $140,000 with a par of 1,850 hours. Thereafter, on an annual basis, Minneapolis associates may opt to select a 1,775 or 1,850 (or other flex) annual par, with pay pro rata to an 1,850 par salary scale. (Those electing a 1,775 par are eligible for a year-end “true up” to actual creditable hours billed in excess of 1,775 up to 1,850.) Par in our Bismarck, Des Moines, and Fargo offices is 1,775 (with flex options available, as well). We offer an hourly production bonus for Minneapolis associates whose billable hours exceed 1,850, and associates in all other U.S. offices whose billable hours exceed 1,775. This bonus is on all creditable hours beyond the respective 1,850/1,775 thresholds.


Billable hours: Billable hours is meant to include only those hours intended to be charged to a client. (These do not include pro bono.)

Creditable hours: Creditable hours include billable hours and credit received for pro bono (up to 100 hours billed at 100%), first-year associate training time (up to 50 hours billed at 100%) and management time (billed at 75%).

Par: This is our expected minimum annual creditable hours for associates.  

Billable Hours

Other regional law firms may set higher minimums. We believe, however, that our system establishes a fair minimum while providing equal pay for equal work when compared with any of our peers. Our approach reflects our practice philosophy.

  • We avoid staffing projects with more than a minimum number of appropriately experienced lawyers.

  • We serve a large number of medium-sized business clients, which encourages early assignment of direct client contact and increasing responsibility to associates.

  • We work on complex litigation cases and Fortune 500 company transactions but associates are rarely locked into lengthy exclusive engagements.

We strive above all to provide the best work turn-around possible with the goal of exceeding our clients’ expectations in our responsiveness and availability. We therefore work as hard and long as it takes to get the job done right. Many associates consistently exceed our par.