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Summer Program

Summer Program

The summer program is designed to give you a good sense of what it is like to practice law at Fredrikson & Byron, P.A., while also giving you the opportunity to meet people at the Firm, hone your skills, become familiar with the city, and enjoy the summer.

Summer Program

We are now hiring for a 2L law clerk (2024 grads) in our Bismarck, ND office and accept applications online. Visit this page for information on our hiring process for our summer positions.

Summer associates receive projects from every area in their office location. The realities of law practice mean that it is often easier to “parcel out” portions of litigation and legal research, but summer associates have the opportunity to work on and observe the transactional side of the practice as well. The program is flexible. If you are interested in a particular area of law practiced within your office, you should be able to get projects from that area.

Summer associates routinely have the opportunity to draft briefs, perform an oral argument and draft a contract. Summer associates are also invited to handle a pro bono project, with assistance provided as needed by a supervising attorney. Throughout the summer, summer associates are invited on field trips with attorneys, which could include the opportunity to attend closings, court arguments, witness depositions and/or attend client meetings.

Summer associates, like lawyers at Fredrikson, are largely autonomous. They come and go as they see fit, with the only requirement being that they must be able to meet the client’s needs. Most summer associates arrive somewhere between 7:45 and 9:00, and leave between 5:00 and 6:00. As a summer associate, a portion of each day is spent in non-billable activity. This can include social events or simply getting to know your colleagues.

Each Friday morning, there is a summer associate group meeting. The meeting is a chance for summer associates, workflow coordinators and recruiting professionals to come together and discuss the events of the week. Each week, we also invite two lawyers from one of the Firm’s practice areas to describe to the summer associates what they do and the path they took to get to this point in their career. In addition, summer associates are invited to attend monthly department meetings. This is another opportunity to meet attorneys and learn about the departments.

Finally, each summer associate can shape his/her own experiences. Most Fredrikson attorneys work with their doors open and summer associates are welcome to stop by. Summer associates often use that opportunity to seek out particular types of projects or field trips, to explore an interest or just to talk with a future colleague.

Fredrikson & Byron, P.A. is an Equal Opportunity Employer.