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Typical Day

Typical Day

Our associates and past summer associates offer their sense of a typical day:

Erin Edgerton, Fredrikson & Byron past summer associate


Erin Edgerton was a 2018 Summer Associate who graduated from the University of Michigan Law School.

“My typical day as a summer associate began with a quick Metro train ride to downtown Minneapolis. I usually started the morning with a few hours of work. My projects ranged from long-term research and data collection to more basic, quick turn-around assignments.

Nearly every day of my summer brought a social opportunity. I was invited to coffees, department lunches, mentorship events, and events with my fellow summer associates. My summer associate class gave me a group of instant and reliable friends—they continue to be some of my best friends. This was especially important for me as a transplant to the Twin Cities. Bonding with my summer class was critical to my choice to join Fredrikson.

I would also check in with my Legal Administrative Assistant at least once per day. She was an incredible asset to me. As a first generation law student, my summer associate experience was my first office job. My LAA guided me and allowed me to grow into my role as a supervising attorney. This gave me confidence and shaped my ability to transition into that role permanently as a Fredrikson attorney.

I worked a fairly traditional 8 to 5 day during my summer and always had time for social activities and for rest. I was also able to get my work done during this time and spend my time off getting to know the Twin Cities.”

Marielos Cabrera, Fredrikson & Byron past summer associate


Marielos Cabrera was a 2019 and 2020 Summer Associate who is currently attending the University of Minnesota Law School.

“My typical day at Fredrikson & Byron included learning from experienced lawyers, working on interesting projects, and experiencing a sense of community within the firm.

Fredrikson & Byron’s summer program facilitated mentorship, fostered camaraderie, and provided excellent training. I was able to choose projects from a project portal and seek individual opportunities from attorneys all over the firm. This format allowed for me to try a variety of projects and eventually tailor projects to my specific interests. Projects vary in time and complexity but all allow for summer associates to feel they are contributing to the firm in a valuable way. If I was assigned to a project it was expected I would take ownership of that work, but attorneys were always willing to answer my questions, talk things through and provide meaningful feedback.

Attorneys at Fredrikson & Byron look forward to engaging with summer associates. They are excited to provide guidance and are more than willing to meet for coffee (even virtual coffees). The attorneys at Fredrikson & Byron genuinely care about my development as an attorney and my well-being as a person. I had many attorneys check in with me and see how I was coping with a global pandemic, social unrest and starting a new job during it all. I felt like I could ask any question about balancing workloads or firm culture and I would receive a genuine answer.

Each summer associate is paired with a Legal Administrative Assistant (LAA). The LAAs at Fredrikson & Byron are knowledgeable, legally savvy and dedicated to making their summer associates feel supported. The relationships I was able to build over the summer made me feel confident that the firm was a good fit and that I could see myself being a part of the team for a long time to come.

In addition to getting wonderful professional training, I also made great friends during the summer program. I had the privilege of being a summer associate for two years. My first summer was traditional and my second summer was entirely remote. The first summer included social events such as attending a soccer game at Allianz field and enjoying a lake day as a summer class. The second summer looked different, but we enjoyed weekly virtual happy hours and many interactive virtual activities like trivia and Scattergories. My summer classes were both very collaborative and supportive. I always had someone to bounce ideas off of, vent to, or grab a coffee with. During both of my summers I felt like the members of my summer class were friends first and colleagues second.”

Samuel Levy, Fredrikson & Byron past summer associate


Samuel Levy was a 2020 Summer Associate who is currently attending the Washington University School of Law.

“As a Fredrikson & Byron summer associate, my typical day consisted of substantive legal work, project management, educational opportunities of all types and social engagements.

I spent most of my day working on multiple phases of legal projects. I was able to select interesting projects in various practice areas. Fredrikson shareholders and associates submitted these assignments throughout the summer, so I was able to take on new projects fluidly as my workload allowed. Half of my legal work was for pro bono clients, and I am extremely proud of Fredrikson’s strong commitment to the pro bono endeavors of all its attorneys (and summer associates).

The attorneys and staff managing Fredrikson’s summer program empowered me to take full ownership of my projects. Once I had accepted an assignment, I would reach out to the managing attorney to discuss their expectations, timelines and how my work product would fit into a larger picture. In addition to vastly improving my legal research and writing, this “real world” approach significantly improved my time management, task prioritization and organizational skills. Of course, there was always help available if I ever needed advice, particularly from my incredibly kind and understanding workflow coordinator, one of Fredrikson’s litigation associates.

Every day, the summer associates had multiple educational opportunities. I frequently attended practice group meetings, continuing legal education seminars, hearings, one-on-one training sessions with Fredrikson research librarians and various skills workshops organized by the summer program team. I particularly enjoyed attending a few practice group lunch meetings that focused on client needs in the face of the COVID-19 pandemic. It was fascinating to hear Fredrikson attorneys’ insights into various industries and how legal services could provide stability in such unprecedented times.

While I worked remotely during my entire summer with Fredrikson, I never felt distant. Multiple times a week, the summer associates would have scheduled video coffee chats with groups of various attorneys. Additionally, multiple times a day I would have one-on-one meetings with associates and shareholders to discuss their practice areas, life at the firm and their lives outside the firm. Every single attorney I reached out to—and there were many—was extremely excited to get to know me and share advice, stories, and information about the firm and Minneapolis (I had never lived in Minnesota).

Despite never meeting each other in person (due to the pandemic), the summer associates developed very strong bonds with each other. We had many informal hangouts and multiple times a week would attend social events with rotating groups of attorneys, from remote trivia nights to a guided virtual tour of the legendary First Avenue nightclub of Purple Rain fame. My summer at Fredrikson was as fun as it was educational, and each day brought exciting new projects, opportunities and experiences.”

Emani Marshall-Loving, Fredrikson & Byron past summer associate


Emani Marshall-Loving was a 2019 and 2020 Summer Associate who is currently attending the University of Iowa College of Law.

“A typical day as a Fredrikson & Byron summer associate involved challenging substantive work, relationship-building with attorneys and fellow summers and constantly having a great time. I am thankful that I had the opportunity to experience the summer program twice!

During my first summer, I explored different areas of the firm by working on projects with various practice groups. Each project presented unique and challenging facts. By the end of the summer, I observed a mediation, worked on an asset purchase agreement and conducted legal research in areas ranging from intellectual property to eminent domain. My second summer took place virtually due to the Covid-19 pandemic; however, Fredrikson went above and beyond to ensure the summer associates had the same quality of substantive work. During my second summer, I shadowed a phone hearing and a call with opposing counsel, drafted memoranda, conducted legal research in areas ranging from civil procedure to tax, and worked on engaging pro bono projects. The firm offers summer associates both autonomy and guidance. I structured my workday and picked my projects; but I could always reach out for help.

Summer associates are encouraged to get to know attorneys throughout the firm. During my first summer, I had lunch and coffee with attorneys nearly every day. I found that Fredrikson attorneys are more than happy to share their work experiences, the firm culture, and favorite places to grab lunch or coffee. To further build relationships, I attended department and practice group meetings. Though we could not be together in person during my second summer, Fredrikson rose to the challenge. A virtual program did not get in the way of networking with attorneys. We had two weekly coffee breaks where we could network with attorneys across the firm. We could attend department and practice group meetings. Also, we were encouraged to set up individual and group coffees with attorneys. Attorneys were responsive, transparent and happy to share their experiences with the summer associates.

In addition to providing challenging substantive work and networking opportunities, the two summers were fun. The planned events facilitated bonds between the attorneys and the summer classes. During my first summer, we attended an overnight retreat, went to many happy hours and events with associates and shareholders, took a First Avenue tour and cheered on the Minnesota United soccer team. During my second summer, we had great virtual events! We had happy hours, themed events with various practice groups, weekly summer associate hangouts and the annual First Avenue event.

I couldn’t have asked for better summer experiences and am grateful to have been a Fredrikson & Byron summer associate.”

Schuyler Troy, Fredrikson & Byron past summer associate


Schuyler Troy was a 2020 Summer Associate who is currently attending the University of Minnesota Law School.

Check out this link from the University of Minnesota describing Schuyler Troy’s experience with us this summer.