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Training & Development

Training & Development

No formal program can or should replace the informal training that constitutes the bulk of an attorney’s education. From the moment you begin work, you will find yourself welcomed by both associates and shareholders willing to answer your questions and help you become a lawyer. The best training occurs when you find a lawyer whose practice area interests you and whose style is compatible with your own. By rotating throughout the firm during the summer associate program, you can find a niche and a group of attorneys who will serve as your friends and mentors.

There are three ways that lawyers at Fredrikson receive training: formal, informal, and self-driven. Training begins on your first day as a summer associate, as lawyers and administrators explain everything from how to structure a memo to how to track your time.

Fredrikson has two formal programs to help you in your professional development:

Fredrikson University and the Mentor Program. Fredrikson University has training programs for lawyers and staff members at all levels and focuses on developing business and legal skills. The Mentor Program links shareholders with associates. The program is entirely voluntary, and provides an opportunity to get advice from someone who has “been there.”

Fredrikson also encourages associates to direct their own training. When you become interested in an area of law, Fredrikson will encourage you to pursue that interest. You will have access to both a promotional account and a CLE budget that allow you to further your legal education by attending seminars, purchasing books or journals, or even listening to tapes of conferences. The firm freely supplements funding for associates seeking to build an area of expertise.

Finally, we hope we convey during your recruiting visit or summer experience that Fredrikson & Byron, beyond the tangible economic benefits, will provide you with an extraordinary opportunity for personal and professional growth. Our firm has earned a broadly recognized reputation among our Twin Cities colleagues for quality and financial success. We nurture initiative and reward success. Our marketing staff works with attorneys on developing their practices by enhancing their professional reputations through writing, speaking, and media opportunities; assisting with proposals, and developing strategies for achieving goals at an individual, group, and firm level. The firm’s pro bono coordinator assists our lawyers in contributing their skills to the community.

We would look to you during your associate experience for skill and leadership commensurate with your past work experience and exceptional academic achievement.

You would be a valuable member of our team.