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H.B. Fuller

H.B. Fuller

H.B. Fuller, a leading global industrial adhesives manufacturer, needed a trial team to lead a complex arbitration against industry giant Accenture for failing to lead the company’s global ERP (enterprise resource planning software) implementation. The timeline to trial was very short and expertise with software implementation was essential. Fredrikson & Byron’s team of Greg Karpenko, Tim O’Shea, and Jessica Edwards delivered. After a 12-day trial, the arbitrator awarded H.B. Fuller $12.8 million in damages. The arbitrator also ruled that H.B. Fuller did not owe $1.4 million in fees, bringing the total monetary relief to over $14 million.

“This was already a fast-track arbitration proceeding when our current lawyers advised us that they had a conflict with the scheduled arbitration dates. We needed a new team of lawyers that could prepare an extremely complex case against a formidable opponent in less than four months. The Fredrikson team not only delivered, but exceeded all of my expectations. In my 30-year career, this is the most professional and effective team of litigators I have worked with, and the outcome is only one testament to that fact.” —Tim Keenan, General Counsel, H. B. Fuller

H.B. Fuller and Fredrikson share a commitment to world-class service and high performance. With that commitment, great results are possible.

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