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Service Approach

Service Approach

We are dedicated to understanding our clients, their business goals and the industry-specific legal issues they face.  Our goal is to demonstrate an in-depth and insightful understanding of our client’s business and provide practical advice to help them succeed.

A proactive, problem-solving mind set runs throughout our service areas and enables us to keep client objectives firmly in mind and to anticipate and address problems before they arise. Our lawyers blend a practical approach with “in the field” experience, and we utilize our firm’s strong reputation and our lawyers’ broad networks of business and industry contacts to get things done for our clients.

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Voice of the Client

Fredrikson’s client feedback program includes formal interviews, conducted by the firm’s president or another member of our executive committee and our chief marketing officer. Feedback is shared immediately with the team serving the client, along with a plan to address and rectify any problems. We also aggregate the feedback we receive across all of our client interviews, and share trends and service issues – positive and negative – that we hear from clients so the entire firm can benefit and take steps to improve our overall service to clients.

We also train our lawyers annually on how to conduct an effective informal client interview and encourage each one to include site visits and feedback check-ins with their primary contacts at their client’s location. In addition, many of our lawyers routinely conduct end of the matter surveys, discussions or debriefs.

Our objective is to see continual improvement, which will be measured, reported to firm management and addressed as needed.


At Fredrikson, we pride ourselves on delivering legal services that provide high levels of client satisfaction, predictability and good value. FredAdvantage is our formal program that centralizes and expands these attributes.

With FredAdvantage we look to legal project management, legal process improvement, knowledge management and technology to create a foundation that delivers strong results in a predictable, transparent and cost-effective manner. FredAdvantage incorporates project and process management tools already familiar to many of our business clients to add a level of discipline and predictability and make legal matter management even more client centric.