Class Action Targets BarBri Test-Prep Business for ADA/Accessibility Violations

April 27, 2016

By Steven E. Helland

Allegation: BarBri Website Violates ADA

Braille Keyboard Image

Three blind law school graduates just filed a federal class action lawsuit in Texas, alleging that BarBri, Inc., the leading bar exam test prep company, violated Title III of the Americans with Disabilities Act by “maintaining barriers to the accessibility of its services for blind students who use talking screen reading software and failing to make reasonable accommodations or provide auxiliary aids or services.” See, Stanley v. BarBri, Inc.

Universities/Educators in ADA Spotlight

Traditional universities and other online education companies are in the spotlight for ADA/website (including mobile technology) accessibility troubles. Recent lawsuits or settlements have named Harvard, MIT, EdX, Florida State University, University of Phoenix and Penn State.

Trend: More Accessibility Litigation in 2016

Particularly in light of the first-of-its-kind court opinion in Davis v. BMI/BND Travelware (San Bernardino Superior Court, California, March 21, 2016) (highly unusual summary judgment in favor of blind plaintiff on website’s violation of the Americans with Disabilities Act), litigation and plaintiff-demands targeting online retailers, universities and educators, and travel/hospitality websites should only increase in 2016. For more information on this trend, see the article Lawsuits Rise: Blind Plaintiffs Sue Additional Retailers for Website Accessibility/ADA Claims.

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