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Construction is one of the more unique and fascinating industries when it comes to state tax. When working with clients on either sales and use tax planning or controversy matters, the sales and use tax structure facing contractors frequently prompts a number of unanticipated challenges.
A taxpayer with substantial back taxes has a few options to deal with IRS pressure to get them paid, and while an installment agreement can be a good outcome in some cases, there are many pitfalls to avoid when entering into one.
If you just filed a property tax appeal for the January 2, 2020 (Pay 2021) tax year, you may have obligations to comply with what is commonly referred to as the “August 1 Rule.”

The story can apply directly to issues currently facing Minnesota taxpayers. Said directly, we will have “unpredictable elements” in life. And, while those elements can be insurmountable when surfacing on their own schedule, we can have a positive impact when exercising deliberate foresight.

Minnesotans are wondering: could or should they change their residency to achieve income tax savings?
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