Tax Issues in Mergers & Acquisitions—A Roadmap

May 12, 2021

By Kyle M. Brehm

The process that organizations go through during the preparation, deal, and integration phases of an M&A transaction are fraught with tax issues. Regardless of what phase a deal is in, the Fredrikson tax team brings a broad range of expertise in addressing State, Federal and International tax issues as well as issues related to employment and employee benefits. With the largest tax practice in the Upper Midwest, our team can offer broad and deep technical expertise under the protection of attorney/client privilege.

In order to assist companies working through the deal process, whether buyers or sellers, we have developed a descriptive “M&A Roadmap” which identifies several of the common tax issues our clients face. Feel free to save and utilize this Roadmap to guide your organization when working through any future transactions. While other issues may certainly arise, we hope you find this document helpful in identifying potential tax challenges that can come up during M&A transactions. For any questions related to this Roadmap, please feel free to reach out to Kyle Brehm or any of our other experienced team members.

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