DOL Issues Guidance on Employment of H-2B Workers in Unapproved Job Classifications

July 14, 2022

By Immigration Group

This article was prepared with the assistance of ABIL, the Alliance of Business Immigration Lawyers, of which Loan Huynh, Fredrikson Immigration Department Chair, is a member.

The Department of Labor’s Wage and Hour Division (WHD) released a bulletin to the field regarding employment of H-2B workers in unapproved job classifications (i.e., a job classification not listed on the Application for Temporary Employment Certification (TEC), Form ETA-9142B). The memo notes that such employment violates the requirement that employers may not place H-2B workers in positions not listed on the TEC application.

The memo provides information on the “harms inflicted on the U.S. and H-2B workforce” by such employment and provides “guidance on the sanctions and remedies” that the WHD may implement.