State Department Notes Continued Heavy Demand, Retrogressions (Visa Unavailability) in Several Employment-Based Immigrant Visa Categories

June 10, 2019

By Immigration Group

This article was prepared with the assistance of ABIL, the Alliance of Business Immigration Lawyers, of which Laura Danielson is an active member.

Supply And Demand Analysis ConceptThe Department of State’s (DOS) Visa Bulletin for the month of June 2019 notes heavy demand in several employment-based visa categories:

  • There continues to be an “extremely high rate of demand” for India employment first preference (EB-1) visa numbers, which has resulted in retrogression of the final action date for the month of June to October 1, 2017. This action will be temporary.
  • Continued heavy applicant demand is expected to result in the India employment fifth preference (EB-5) category approaching the per-country annual limit during July. This is likely to result in the imposition of a July final action date in 2017. This action will be temporary, with the EB-5 date for India “most likely” advancing to the summer or fall of 2017 for October.
  • High demand also is expected to result in the Vietnam employment fifth preference (EB-5) category reaching the per-country annual limit in July. This action will be temporary, with the Vietnam EB-5 date “most likely” advancing to the fall or early winter of 2016 for October.

U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) has also announced that the agency will follow the “Final Action Dates” chart for the month for accepting I-485 Adjustment of Status applications.


DOS Visa Bulletin for June 2019
USCIS Announcement