USCIS Pauses ‘Blank Space’ Rejection Policy

January 11, 2021

By Immigration Group

This article was prepared with the assistance of ABIL, the Alliance of Business Immigration Lawyers, of which Loan Huynh, Fredrikson Immigration Department Chair, is a member.

As a result of litigation in Vangala v. USCIS challenging USCIS’s blank-space rejection policy, where the agency rejected applications because of blank spaces, USCIS agreed to pause implementation of the rejection policy starting December 24, 2020. According to counsel, the parties will enter negotiations to resolve the claims, including a remedy for proposed class members who have had applications rejected.

Those who received a rejection notice dated after December 24, 2020, can contact plaintiffs’ counsel at

Read the National Immigration Litigation Alliance’s “Affirmative Litigation Docket” (scroll to Vangala v. USCIS), including summary and legal documents.