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Social Justice

Social Justice

Fredrikson & Byron Stands in Solidarity with the Asian Community

Fredrikson & Byron condemns racism and stands in solidarity with the Asian community in denouncing the thousands of incidents of anti-Asian hate and violence that have occurred and persist this year, and most recently the horrific murders in Atlanta.

We continue to pursue diversity and inclusion as core Firm values and to uphold the pledge we made last June to identify and confront bias, systemic racism, and social and economic injustice, both in our communities and at the Firm. We express our sympathy to members of our Firm, clients, and community members of Asian descent who are grappling with fear, loss, and pain.

We commit that even after the media attention fades, we will continue to do the work to fight racism, intolerance, and inequality.

Fredrikson & Byron Stands in Solidarity with the Black Community

We share the pain, frustration and anger at the persistent racism and inequality that the Black community faces every day. We pledge to do more to tackle this challenge by focusing on three key priorities.

Our Commitment and Priorities

Civic Education and Social Justice Resources

In the ongoing social and political unrest around the country, there is increased awareness and willingness to challenge the legal and political injustices faced by many of our fellow citizens – particularly in our Black communities.

Many people wanting to advocate against injustices lack reliable and accessible information about “the system” and how to participate and engage effectively. ​We created the following civic education and social justice resources to help others better understand our legal and political systems and how to advocate effectively for change.

Advocacy Avenues
This guide describes ways that individuals can effectively engage and advocate against injustices. It describes who to contact and what changes can be sought on behalf of victims as well as how to voice concerns about proposed legislation.

Know Your Protest Rights
This guide describes both your rights and various limitations to free speech and protest, explains what to do if you are stopped by the police or arrested, and provides additional resources and ways to support protests. While intended primarily for lawyers and law students, much of the information may be useful to anyone engaged in social justice protest activity.

Minneapolis Police Department Human Rights Investigation
Learn details on the Minnesota Department of Human Rights (DHR) civil rights investigation into the Minneapolis Police Department (MPD) policies and incidents and how you can report incidents of discrimination by Minneapolis police. Read this resource to learn how to file complaints with the DHR and how to file incident reports to support DHR’s civil rights investigation.

Challenges of Police Accountability
Understand the mechanisms of police accountability for misconduct and the obstacles to ensuring police are held accountable, and learn what can be done to increase accountability.