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Internet, Technology, Trademark & Advertising Alerts

Internet, Technology, Trademark & Advertising Alerts

To keep our innovative clients apprised of the legal developments that can affect them most, attorneys in the firm’s Technology & Data and Advertising, Marketing & Trademark groups post the latest legal cases and alerts.

Harris Tweed and the Chair That Wasn’t

September 25, 2014

I wondered what Crate&Barrel had done to me and invested the additional 10 seconds to click and find out.

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Michael Jordan Is Still Getting All the Calls from Officials – A Cautionary Tale About Publicity Rights

August 24, 2014

When Michael Jordan was inducted into the Basketball Hall Of Fame, it was a big deal for every Chicago Bulls fan and the whole town of Chicago. It is also turning out to be a big deal in the world of publicity rights.

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The Supreme Court Decides that False Advertising Standing Requires Economic or Reputational Injury Proximately Caused by Defendant’s Advertising

March 27, 2014

Does a plaintiff have standing to sue for false advertising?

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Miami Employer Pays $250,000 to Settle Website/Tech ADA Accessibility Claim by Blind Employee

March 4, 2008

In February 2019, a settlement was reached that changed the websites and software in Miami-Dade County Public Schools, which were not accessible to blind employees.

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