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New Standard for Awarding Attorneys’ Fees in a Patent Case Could Deter Frivolous Lawsuits

May 21, 2014

The U.S. Supreme Court recently changed the standard for awarding attorneys’ fees in infringement cases making it less likely that they will be overturned on appeal.

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Women’s Economic Security Act Signed by Governor

May 13, 2014

In a bold move, the Minnesota Legislature passed the Women’s Economic Security Act (WESA), a controversial, comprehensive bill designed to further promote opportunities for women in the workplace.

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Federal Circuit Court of Appeals Denies Patent on Cloned Animals to the Inventors of Dolly the Sheep

May 12, 2014

Claims to cloned animals are not eligible for patent protection.

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Minnesota’s New Minimum Wage: A Cheat Sheet for Ensuring Compliance

April 22, 2014

Minnesota’s new minimum wage already is causing employers to ask many questions before its first effective date of August 1, 2014.

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Adjuncts and Athletes: Unions and the Academy

April 9, 2014

College administrators, coaches and many of the rest of us were surprised to learn that scholarship football players at Northwestern University are “employees” for purposes of the National Labor Relations Act.

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H-1B Cap Reached for FY 2015 – Alternative Visa Options for Employers

April 8, 2014

The USCIS announced on April 7, 2014, the H-1B cap for fiscal year 2015 has been reached.

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Minnesota Enacts Changes to Tax Laws

March 28, 2014

On March 21, 2014, Governor Dayton signed into law an Omnibus Tax Bill that alters the gift and estate tax landscape in Minnesota.

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The Supreme Court Decides that False Advertising Standing Requires Economic or Reputational Injury Proximately Caused by Defendant’s Advertising

March 27, 2014

Does a plaintiff have standing to sue for false advertising?

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$25 Million Jury Verdict Highlights Dangers of Entrusting Third Parties with Trade Secrets

March 27, 2014

Although LBDS obtained a sizeable jury verdict, it couldn’t unring the bell – the competitor still received highly confidential information. The lesson is clear: be careful who you let in the door.

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Update on New Maquiladora Requirements

March 21, 2014

All maquiladoras must be in full compliance with the new requirements by July 1, 2014.

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