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Fredrikson & Byron Foundation


Fredrikson & Byron is committed to improving the community where we live and work. The Fredrikson & Byron Foundation exists to support our attorneys’ philanthropic efforts and volunteer work in the community. The Foundation focuses its grant making in areas where we believe we can make a difference.

The Foundation makes grants to law schools; funds post high school scholarship programs; invests in programs that develop our community’s human capital; works to ameliorate the causes and effects of crime; and strives to improve the delivery and access to legal services. The Foundation also donates to arts and cultural organizations that improve the quality of life in this community. To enhance the impact of our charitable giving and our attorneys’ volunteer efforts, the Foundation gives priority to grant requests from organizations with which our attorneys are personally involved and are consistent with the Foundation’s core mission.

Grant applications are due by September 30 each year. Decisions are typically made by the end of the year and funds are disbursed in early February.

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Foundation Board Members:

Dulce Foster, Fredrikson & Byron Attorney Dulce Foster

Dulce J. Foster, Former President

Laurie Hartman, Fredrikson & Byron Attorney Laurie Hartman

Laurie E. Hartman, Secretary/Treasurer

John Parzych, Fredrikson & Byron Attorney John Parzych

John S. Parzych

James Baillie, Fredrikson & Byron Attorney James Baillie

James L. Baillie, Vice President

Lisa Agrimonti, Fredrikson & Byron Attorney Lisa Agrimonti

Lisa M. Agrimonti

Julie Snow-Samanant, Fredrikson & Byron Chief Marketing Officer Julie Snow-Samanant

Julie Snow-Samanant, Administrator