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Use It or Lose It – Lapsing Mineral Rights

Due to shifting commodity prices, land use regulations, and a variety of other factors, mineral interests often go unused for significant periods of time.

Litigation Attorney Alethea Huyser Elected as Secretary Treasurer of the MSBA’s Appellate Practice Section Council

Fredrikson & Byron attorney Leah Huyser

Attorney Alethea M. Huyser has been elected to serve as Secretary Treasurer of the Minnesota State Bar Association’s Appellate Practice Section for the 2021-2022 bar year.

The Art of Racing in the Rain

The story can apply directly to issues currently facing Minnesota taxpayers. Said directly, we will have “unpredictable elements” in life. And, while those elements can be insurmountable when surfacing on their own schedule, we can have a positive impact when exercising deliberate foresight.