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Knock it Off: E-Commerce Platforms Continue to Battle Counterfeiters

In the face of the nagging problem of fake products posing as genuine goods in online marketplaces, major e-commerce platforms are continuing to refine their strategies to address counterfeiting.

FY2020 H-1B Cap Season Begins with Proposed Changes

It is time to start preparing for H-1B cap season once again! This year, USCIS has proposed a new rule to implement a registry program requiring the sponsoring employer to electronically register online prior to formally submitting an H-1B petition with USCIS. 

Trade Sanctions Enforcement in the Era of America First

The arrest of Meng Wanzhou, one of China’s leading tech executives, highlights the broad reach of U.S. sanctions and the increasing boldness with which the U.S. government is acting to control the conduct of foreign actors. But U.S. companies engaged in global trade should also remain vigilant and take precautions to avoid tripping over the lines.